Ember Financial

I am pleased to announce the availability of the Ember Financial platform for Enterprise applications on the Bitcoin blockchain. Recent announcements by Nasdaq and others are setting the stage for a renaissance in tokenized applications on the Blockchain, and we are leading the charge with the first fully managed middle-ware and embedded platform for building next generation settlement, smart property and asset applications on the world’s most secure digital ledger.

Ember is a powerful color coin platform fully compliant with the Open Assets specification, with many advanced features designed to help companies quickly deploy and manage their blockchain secured assets and transactions. Built from the ground up with fault tolerance, reliability, and scale in mind, it can dramatically shorten time to market for financial and other demanding applications.

Building infrastructure on the Bitcoin network is still difficult, and companies have significant challenges in adopting and integrating distributed ledger technology. Multiple types of wallets with associated trade offs, inline risk management, cryptographic key distribution and signing, sophisticated transaction building facilities, and requirements for reliability and transparency. We can distill this process into a unified financial services gateway that expands your capabilities dramatically, and lets you take advantage of the Bitcoin networks exciting innovations. Simply the fastest way to get from zero to one for your domain specific applications.

At the core of the platform is Erricson’s Open Telecom Platform, the same framework powering some of the most demanding applications on the Internet including WhatsApp, Facebook’s chat infrastructure, and numerous telecom solutions. When downtime is simply not an option, and reliability is key to the success of your product a bullet-proof foundation is extraordinarily important. This infrastructure is exposed via a number of APIs, Guis, and remote management tools. Some of the advanced features include:

Feature set

We have tackled the most challenging Bitcoin design problems and created a unified application stack that allows companies to extend and manage their products and services directly on the blockchain. For more information about our capabilities, or to discuss your design challenges and ideas send us an email at info@emberfinancial.com. I am going to be following up this posting with a series of examples and use cases, as well as updates on our rapidly expanding capabilities.